1- There are three wells for industrial water with a production capacity of 250 m3 / h

2 - The establishment of two networks (water and industrial) distributed to the factories and fed from the upper water tanks to give pressure as long as 4 bar.

3 - the capacity of the upper reservoir for industrial water 1200 m3 and the capacity of the water tank desalinated 600 m 3.

4 - There is an automatic desalination plant with a capacity of 400 m 3 per day and gives a percentage of salts not more than 100, and that the price of desalinated water to the investor $ 1.90 per cubic meter.

5 - the price of industrial water for the investor $ 0.54 per cubic meter.

6 - The amount of sanitation is accounted for 80% of the investor's needs of water (industrial and sweet) and the price per cubic meter $ 0.72.