The industrial zone is considered one of the most important aspects of civilization at the environmental and developmental levels in terms of its main role in ending all environmental problems of all kinds resulting from the spread of factories within the residential areas, which are as follows:

1 - Emissions such as (gases, smoke, chemicals and waste) rising from plants polluting the environment and that cause many of the most serious diseases, the most important of which is cancer, which affects children largely because their immune system is not fully developed, as well as diseases of the liver in addition to causing problems In the respiratory tract of the population.

2 - Sewage water leakage of groundwater wells due to damage to the old sewage networks located inside the cities and directly connected to the sewage network of the factories located within the residential areas, leading to contamination of drinking water.

3 - pumping sewage to factories located within cities and linked to the network of cities to the sea lead to a significant shortage in the quantity and quality of food produced by the sea, which contribute significantly to human nutrition.

4 - Visual pollution any distortion of any view on which the human eye and the disappearance of the aesthetic image of everything surrounding the human.

5. Noise from factories that cause permanent disturbance to the population.

6. Traffic congestion, noise and pollution caused by truck traffic.

The industrial zone was designed on the basis of environmental protection from pollution, as it was designed an integrated infrastructure that includes a sewage network and sewage station on a sound basis to ensure no leakage of sewage as it collects in the sewage station, and it was established in a distance from residential areas To eliminate the noise and traffic congestion and pollution caused by the movement of trucks suffered by the population within the cities, and in the design of the industrial zone taking into account the following:

- Allocate green areas to beautify the area in order to allow the viewer to view them.

- Customized parking lot.

- Large streets for trucks and cars of all kinds.

- Distribution of containers of waste in all streets of the region to maintain cleanliness.